Friday, September 3, 2010

First Post!

Our first post ever! We are a group of around 60 members who share an obsession with quilting. We cover a wide range of ages, interests, and skills. We meet on a monthly basis and welcome new members. Please feel free to email (see profile) for more information.
Our group has a yearly challenge. Rules are set by the president of our group. This year our challenge began in Jan. and our finished projects were due at the September meeting of the Great Salt Lake Area Quilters. This meeting was held last night and all the finished projects were hung and voted on by the attendees. We had one main rule for this years had to include four complete Dresden Plates on the front of the quilt. The plates had to be at least 4 inches across. We also had a fabric exchange within the guild with each quilter picking a theme. The other members then raided their own stashes and contributed a small piece of fabric to anyone they had a fabric to match the chosen themes. The quilts displayed great variety and creativity. All were lovely. The winner will be announced next week at the Sandy Stitchers meeting. Please enjoy the eye candy in the following pictures and comeback next week for announcement of this years winner.


Donna said...

Wonderful site! I've tried leaving a post but for some reason I haven't been successful. I'll keep trying till I get it right. Donna Bradshaw

Donna said...

Congratulations Josephine! It's great to win and get some cudos for your hard work. It's georgeous and we love seeing all the beautiful quilts for those who weren't able to attend the meeting. Donna Bradshaw

Ivory Spring said...

What beautiful quilts - and what a group of talented ladies.