Friday, December 31, 2010

December Meeting

Our December meeting is always so much fun. We had a potluck dinner, a pin cushion swap, and such lovely projects were shared. First here's a couple of shots of what we ate and there was much, much more. Our ladies are such great cooks! We are hoping to add a recipe tab soon, so ladies be sure to send your recipes!

 Now for the really fun part...sharing! Someone brought this lovely quilt, but they are hiding so I'm not sure who it belongs to.
Josephine brought this lovely holly quilt.
Ruth makes stocking for everyone in her family. Here are the latest two.
Marsha shared her beautiful hand embroidered table cloth.
 Maureen showed us two cute bags she made as gifts.
 Cathie shared three lovely projects.

 Becky shared a wonderful Christmas apron and played Santa to us all. She very generously made us each a towel with a crocheted top. Thank you so much Becky!!!!

I promised picture of our new block of the month that we will be working on this year. First is the calendar base and January foundation pieced block.
 Second is the traditionally pieced block. 
 The unfinished sized of the blocks including the border is 14 inches. If you decide to use your block for the calender the finished size when bound is still 14 inches. If you are putting your blocks in a quilt your finished block including the border will measure 13 1/2 inches. Be sure to bring your blocks to meeting. We would all like to see how yours turned out!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Festival of Trees Preparation and Thanks

First of all for our readers that are not in the area, the Festival of Trees is as event to raise funds for the Primary Children's Hospital. The trees and other items are donated by groups and individuals. Our guild decided to donate a tree this year. This has been a year long project for our group.
Now for the preparations. We have been making ornaments for the tree at meetings for most of the past year, there is a picture in the last post of some of our members working on them. Set-up day finally arrives and in the beginning we have this.
  Not to impressive yet, but wait it's happening. Some elves have put the tree together and added a topper!
How sneaky and fast they were! And look the topper has two spools. Now be very still and maybe we will catch sight of those elves! Shhhhh! Look it Linda and Virginia (elves) adding ornaments to the tree. Isn't it starting to look great!
 Here's another picture of Virginia checking out the tree.
It's really looking great! All the ornaments are spools too. And look I think it's a beautiful quilt as well.
Here's a closeup of the ties. They are cute spools too!
And finally a picture of our wonderful elves, Tina, Virginia, and Linda, as well as the finished product!
Many thanks to our elves Tina, Virginia, Linda and everyone who donated fabric, spools, and time towards making this tree happen and to everyone who brought spool blocks, helped make the quilt and did the quilting. Your contributions are much appreciated!

 If you would like to see our tree and others the Festival of Trees is open today and tomorrow, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. All money made by this event goes to help those in need at the Primary Children's Hospital!