Thursday, May 14, 2015

MARCH 2015

Rolling Stone Block of the Month

Sandra was our guest speaker. She told us about new specialty tools in the shop, plastic templates, pre wound bobbins, and quilters graph paper.

She told us that quilters are getting back to using templates for accuracy. Now we have plastic templates available instead of having to make cardboard ones.

Diane's doll and baskets.

Diane was on a UFO finishing roll! This and the following pictures were some of her finishes!

Elsa and Anna quilt by Linda.

Olaf quilt by Linda.

Teaching tool Linda made for her grandson.

Joann's cute panel quilt - enhanced for the newest grandchild.

Lisa wanted us to know she really does get some quilting done.

She had many cute blocks to show us.

Kathy's entry into the Riley Blake Challenge,  "Magic".
The quilt fairy waves her wand over bolts of fabric.
This sold for 400 dollars to benefit charity!

Kathy's RJR Utah Landscape Challenge entry. She took 2nd place.

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